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Orders need to be two days in advance i.e. by Monday 1300hrs for Wednesday collection, by Wednesday 1300hrs for Friday collection and by Friday 1300hrs for Monday collection. Contactless payments now work up to £45 but paying over the phone is much appreciated as this reduces social contact for our volunteers.

Please order by phone on 01225 830300 (all weekdays between 1030-1300hrs).

Orders can be collected on Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 1200-1400hrs. Please note delivery is also available to local self-isolating households (via our volunteer Packeroos team) within the South Stoke area.

Please bring your own boxes/bags if collecting; this will really help in cutting down on waste.



Chicken breasts – £14.00/kg

Whole chicken – £10.00

Beef Mince – £9.50/kg

Chicken legs – £7.50/kg

Butchers sausages – £6.00 (6 pack)

Dry cured smoked bacon 400g – £4.50

Special BBQ pack £26.50 

1/2kg chicken breast strips, 1/2 kg pork loin steaks, 1/2 kg pork and sage sausages, 1/2 kg beef mince, onions, courgettes, peppers, wooden skewers

Fresh vegetable hampers

The actual content of our vegetable boxes will vary week to week due to seasonal variation and availability (for example spring greens, green beans, mushrooms, potatoes, carrots, apples, onions, bananas).

Small hamper 1-2 persons £12

Medium hamper 2-3 persons £15

Large hamper 3-4 persons £20

Fresh fruit box £7.50

Apples, bananas, satsumas/oranges, grapes

Food staples and Basic Items

Milk (2l) £2.00

Eggs (dozen) £2.50

Bread (loaf) £2.20

Mature Cheddar Cheese 500g £5.00

Unsalted butter £2.50

Toilet rolls (4 pack) £2.00

Bleach 750ml  £1.00

Fairy washing up liquid £1.80

Hand wash 500ml £3.50

Snacks and nibbles

Selection of bagged sweets £1.00

Pipers crisps 85p

Dry roasted peanuts 85p

Salted nuts 85p

Take Away Drinks

Must be collected by someone over 18 with Valid ID available if required

Draught – 2 pints (please bring your own clean plastic bottle to fill up)

Butcombe (4%) £5.00

Amstel Lager (4.1%) £5.00

Thatchers Gold (4.8%) £5.00

Laganitus IPA (5.5%) £6.50

Guinness (4.3%) £5.00

Honey’s Midford Cider 5L box £17

Bottles – £2.50 each or 5 for £10

Stoney Bonk (4%)

Thatchers Gold (4.8%)

Butcombe Gold Ale (4.7%)

Stronger beers and ciders – £3 each or 5 for £12

Leffe Blonde (6.6%)

Brewdog Punk IPA (5.6%)

Honey’s Midford Sparkling Cider (5.9%)

Wine/Fizz (Available by the bottle only) 

Le Troubadour Carignan – Grenache (12.5%) £10.00

Soft and smooth wine, with flavours of plum and blackberries

Le Troubadour Ugni Blanc – Columbard (11.5%) £10.00

Crisp apple and pear flavours, and note of peach on the finish

Les Roulants Cabernet Rosé (13%) £10.00

Smooth, easy drinking and fruity

Vitelli 200cl Mini Prosecco (10.5%) £5.00

Fruity and fragrant with clean notes of citrus, pears and apples

Soft drinks

Big Tom tomato juice £1.50

Canned drinks (Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite) £1.00

Frobisher’s juices (orange, apple, cranberry) £1.50

Bottled water 330ml (still/sparkling) £1.00

Belvoir elderflower pressé £1.75


























































Please click here to buy your Packhorse Gift Voucher

The Gift Voucher scheme allows you to pass on this gift to friends and family for birthdays, anniversaries or just a simple thank you.

The vouchers can be automatically emailed with a message to the recipient and are available in multiple denominations. 

These are really challenging times for hospitality businesses – so the new Packhorse Gift Vouchers allow everyone to help play a part in our return journey. If the Covid-19 outbreak has reinforced anything it is – perhaps – how valuable are the moments of social, communal interaction that places such as The Packhorse facilitate. As such, we know we will – one day in the not too distant future – come back even stronger than ever as a place to laugh, chat, eat, drink, sing, dance and maybe even hug!  🙂

Please can we ask that you support the scheme where you can – to both make someone’s day and help The Packhorse Community Pub bounce back to full health once we are able to re-open. 

Thank you!


Reviewed January 2020 "I had read a lot of good press about this community pub, rescued by the locals after it was shut. Would it live up to the hype? Well, the resounding answer to this was yes! The food and beer was excellent, very reasonably priced and James and his staff very friendly and attentive".
Reviewed November 2019 "This is possibly the greatest roast I’ve ever had. Sunday lunch here should be on everyone’s bucket list".