The Packhorse Shop is open!

The Packhorse Shop

Our Packhorse shop is up and running with the kind help from our volunteer team. We are constantly updating and increasing the products that we can offer so please check the main shop page here for the current details of the shop service and the produce we offer.

By harnessing and supporting our local independent suppliers we can provide their excellent quality fresh meat, vegetables, fruit and wines/beers.

We will continue to do everything we can as a community owned hub to support people through this adverse period, especially so with the older and more vulnerable members of our community in mind so PLEASE KEEP SUPPORTING OUR SHOP!

Just in case you haven’t ordered from us yet here are the basics:

Orders need to be two days in advance i.e. by Monday 1300hrs for Wednesday collection, by Wednesday 1300hrs for Friday collection and by Friday 1300hrs for Monday collection. Contactless payments now work up to £45 but paying over the phone is much appreciated as this reduces social contact for our volunteers.

Please order by phone on 01225 830300 (all weekdays between 1030-1300hrs).

Orders can be collected on Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 1200-1400hrs. Please note delivery is also available to local self-isolating households (via our volunteer Packeroos team).

Please bring your own boxes/bags if collecting; this will really help in cutting down on waste.