Supplier feature – Honey’s Midford Cider

Where possible we try and use local businesses and suppliers for The Packhorse and our very closest supplier has to be Honey’s Cider.

The Honey family have farmed in the parish of South Stoke for nearly 60 years and founded Honey’s Cider 10 years ago. They make Honey’s Cider and Stoney Bonk on their farm in Midford, a mere one mile from the pub.  The folk behind Honey’s, Bob Honey and Krow Coles, were also both very much part of the team who rescued the Packhorse.
“The Packhorse has been loved by us both for too long to remember and it was one of the very first pubs we supplied, way back when we were just experimenting with a couple of sacks of apples to see what would happen. Now we have many loyal customers across Bath and beyond”.

The Packhorse sells the traditional Still Honey’s Midford Cider, sparkling bottles and the hugely popular Stoney Bonk, a magical blend of cider and ginger beer, perfect for any day or weather but especially tasty on hot February days!