Apple Pressing Day at The Packhorse – Sunday 17th October 12pm to 4pm

Apple Pressing Day – Sunday October 17th

We do love a tradition and we’re delighted to be able to enjoy this one with you all again this year.

On Sunday October 17th we shall welcome the wonderful folk from Honey’s Cider, who will be bringing their apple press along to the car park. Join us from 12 onwards, live music from Bath Skiffle between 1pm and 3pm.

They will have some apples to demonstrate with, but would love you to bring any of your good quality surplus ones along to be pressed. You’ll have a chance to help with the milling of the apples, building the ‘cheese’ (the piled apple pulp in the press) and see the press in action, with juice pouring out and bucketing it into the the fermentation vessel

Please feel free to bring some containers and take some apple juice away, the rest will go back to the cider barn for fermentation and to be blended with the rest of the Honey’s Midford Cider.

Should be a fun day for all – made even better by the presence of an outside cider bar selling locally made cider and live music from Bath Skiffle band.